The Humanaut Creative Test

3. How would you re-position Werther’s Originals candy to millennials to make them relevant? Give them a product innovation and a new tagline.


Isn’t it weird that for something so mild, butterscotch is such an acquired taste?

Isn’t it interesting that the stereotype of butterscotch candies is elderly people?

Isn’t it weird that butterscotch candies are often in an unlabeled, clear packaging in some random assortment of undesirable candies?

Isn’t it weird that I, a millennial, wrote all of these Truthnuggets before realizing that Werthers are actually caramel, not butterscotch?

I like caramel, but I would never think to get these. Why?

Isn’t it interesting that if you ask most millennials what they want, the most common answers will be happiness and security (financial and otherwise?) We’re getting to the point in our lives where stability is more appealing than being carefree.

What if Werthers gave us the stability our grandparents had?

Product Innovation:

Introducing Werthers bonds. They will grow in value and be a sweet nest egg we’ll appreciate when we’re older – much like Werthers.

New tagline:

For a sweet life