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How would you describe the current SCF voice? In what ways would you like to see it change? Pick any piece of copy on the website and rewrite it in this new voice.

SCF’s brand voice is knowledgeable and confident in a way that’s reassuring to the customer, but infused with casual colloquialisms and playful phrasing like ‘we know it sounds a little nuts’ and ‘we mean waaaaaayyy more’ to keep things light and fun. The ‘Bestie Test’ standard for worthwhile flights lends credibility, while the designations of ‘Legendary’ and ‘Spicy’ on the Rarity Level scale adds a cheeky touch. Reading through SCF’s content feels like having a conversation with a very travel-savvy friend who’s excited to give you the inside scoop. When SCF says “trust us,” it feels earned.   


There’s a lot of information to convey about how the service works and the intricacies of travel, but complicated topics are broken up into bite-sized sections and explained in simple terms that are accessible to the newest of newbies. In general, my only suggestion would be to ensure consistency of TOV across all copy–there are places where copy begins to sound more straightforward and less like the travel-savvy pal. In addition, consistency with smaller grammatical things can be important for credibility; for example, double-checking that the copy is speaking in first-person plural and not singular (consistently referring to ourselves as ‘we’ and not switching to ‘I’).


Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 11.54.44 AM.png


What does "Rarity Level" mean? What makes a deal “Spicy”?


The Rarity Level is based on how often there’s been a deal for a particular route in the past two years. Here are the rankings:


  • Spicy

  • Legendary

  • Epic

  • Rare

  • Uncommon

  • Common

For example, a deal from Chicago to San Juan, Puerto Rico would be labeled as "Common" because we've seen a deal for that route 13 or more times in the last two years. However, a deal from Chicago to Malta would be labeled as "Legendary" because we've only seen a deal for that route one other time in the last two years. 


And if a route is “Spicy”? That’s a cheeky label our Flight Experts apply to let members know that they’re looking at a really good deal, based on routing, location, price, etc. If a Spicy fare lands in your inbox, it’s our way of saying, “Consider booking this ASAP!” Don’t wait to snag it as these deals usually sell out quickly.


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Picture this: 

You’re welcomed aboard by flight attendants in distinctive Pierre Balmain-designed sarong kebaya uniforms, led to luxuriate in one of the most spacious premium cabin seats available, and offered a taste of local specialties from your destination alongside international cuisine. It’s no secret that Singapore Airlines is one of the most-awarded airlines in the world, frequently earning accolades for its service, food, and its exceptional business and first class products. We’re here with the low-down on everything about their iconic Business Class experience.

A lot of people who join SCF from the homepage don't understand what we do. How would you rewrite the headline, subheader, and CTA so that visitors have a better understanding of how SCF works after reading the homepage?


Headline: Never overpay for flights again. 

Subheader: We track airfare price drops from your local airport so you save on flights to your dream destinations.

CTA: Sign Up

The current headline does not make it clear that SCF isn’t just another OTA. We need new viewers to understand that this is not a service to find the cheapest flight available on a certain day, but a way to find incredible deals to places you’ve been wanting to travel to (or a place you had never considered before). The difference with SCF is that you begin with destinations, not specific dates. It’s not about the ‘when’, it’s about the ‘where’.  

Changing the CTA to ‘Learn More’ encourages curious viewers to do just that, as it leads to a fun explanatory graphic from Scott rather than going right to a sign-up page. It’s less of a commitment and more likely to garner clicks.


Headline: Save up for the destination, not the flight. 

Subheader: We track price drops from your local airport and deliver incredible deals to your dream destinations right to your inbox.

CTA: Learn More

Scott's Cheap Flights wants to run an ad in a newsletter targeted to GenZ readers. We have up to 75 words for the body copy. Please write a headline, body copy, and CTA that will get these readers to join SCF.

Gen Z has an even shorter attention span than millennials (8 seconds versus 12) (yes, abysmal). From a UX perspective, we need to engage them and lay out the facts of what they need to absorb from the jump, taking care not to be repetitive or vague. 


Headline: Start crossing off your bucket list.

Body copy (73/75): Deals on the best flights to your dream destinations, delivered right to your inbox. Scott’s Cheap Flights does the legwork to track price drops from your local airport and get you there for incredible prices. We only send you the good stuff, too–if we wouldn’t send it to our best friend, we won’t send it to you (we call that our Bestie Test). Sign up now and save big on seeing the world.


CTA: Read our FAQ   

Write a Facebook ad that promotes our Elite membership. The ad must be on brand and written to drive conversions.


Image: An image of someone reclining in a business class seat, with the number “$1,200” crossed out and a “$61, 95% off” next to it (a mistake fare pulled from the site), along with the SCF logo.


Text (109/125): Attention, spontaneous globetrotters with a taste for the finer things: your bank account is gonna love you. 

Headline (22/25): Elite members save big

Link Description (27/30): Join Scott’s Cheap Flights 

I would love to join the team at Scott’s Cheap Flights and have the opportunity to bring the awe-inspiring joy of (affordable) travel to people all over the world.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

Kt McVeigh