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(Past campaign)


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Tell us about a time where you uncovered insight from discovery and research that helped steer the design and strategy of a marketing campaign? - What mythologies did you employ to reach these insights? - Who was involved in the process and how? - How did you package up your insights?

To their aging customer base, Tractor Supply’s tagline ‘For Life Out Here’ was a celebration of a certain lifestyle in rural America–farming and raising livestock, getting your hands dirty and earning a living from the land. But Tractor Supply’s growth was beginning to stagnate, and they came to us for help. Their ask: how do we bring a younger, hipper crowd into a farming supply store? 


Our strategy team showed that after being trapped inside for a year and a half, millennials were picking up gardening, raising chickens, and even bee-keeping at unprecedented rates. These outdoor hobbies improved mental health and gave young people purpose from home. 


With this insight in mind, we decided to make ‘Out Here’ appealing and accessible for everyone–no matter if you were working with 5 acres, a fenced-in backyard or a few feet of balcony space. ‘Out Here’ wasn’t a place anymore; it was a state of mind.


After focus groups confirmed that we were on the right track, my small team and I worked to bring our new campaign to life. I wrote commercial scripts and radio spots, a barnyard worth of headlines, and spent 3 days on set with a menagerie of adorable animals. The results can be viewed here: 


In the months that followed our campaign’s release, Tractor Supply jumped from #380 to #291 on the Fortune 500 list and reached over 20 million members in their Neighbor’s Club loyalty program. Their net sales for the third quarter of 2021 increased 15.8% from the previous year.

I would love to join the team at Scott’s Cheap Flights and have the opportunity to bring the awe-inspiring joy of (affordable) travel to people all over the world.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

Kt McVeigh