Roadtripping together,

70 years apart

In 1953, Anne Morham took off in a Cadillac.

She drove from Niagara Falls to Lake Louise. She crossed the Bay Bridge in San Francisco and took the 101 all the way to Mexico.  She stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon and at the base of a great Redwood tree. I know this because she documented her journey in a series of gorgeous Kodachrome slides, uncovered as we cleaned the crawlspace in her attic after she passed away last year.



I inherited my love of road trips from my grandmother,  and now the places that broadened her horizons in her twenties bring us closer in mine. I'm bringing along her slides as I trace her movements across the continent, missing her and treasuring this additional time together from a distance of 70 years.


More coming post-pandemic!

Another window into her wonderful life: