The Humanaut Creative Test

2. Make an overly passionate argument for or against the following statement: Pop-Tarts are Ravioli. (Oh yeah, you’re talking to a 5-year-old.)

Hey, come here for a minute. Sit on the couch. No, put the iPad away. You can watch Paw Patrol in a few minutes. Put the iPad on the table or you won’t get to watch anything until tomorrow. Okay. Ahem.


There are a lot of things in this world that are hard to talk about. Things you will learn when you are older. But I think it’s time for you to learn this today.


Pop-Tarts are ravioli.


A ravioli – you know what a ravioli is. Mom makes them all the time, you love ravioli. The pasta with cheese inside. Yeah. Those are ravioli. And you know what a Pop-Tart is. Right. So, ravioli don’t always have cheese inside. A ravioli is just a kind of dough that has a filling, and the edges are closed to hold the filling inside. That’s why Pop-Tarts are just like ravioli – that’s why they are ravioli. Do you see what I’m saying?


Yeah, so the only difference between ravioli and a Pop-Tart is the kind of dough they’re made from. And that’s not a big deal! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that your dough defines who you are inside. It’s about how you shape that dough. No, it’s okay. I’m not crying. I’m fine. Daddy’s just happy. I’m proud of you.


Okay, now you can watch Paw Patrol. And we’re having one kind of ravioli for dinner and another kind for dessert. Haha, that’s right. I love you, son.