McCann's Steel Cut Irish Oats

How can we make a more expensive, less convenient oatmeal appealing?

McCann's Steel Cut Irish Oats take a minimum of 20 minutes on the stove – and that's if you like them on the chewy side. What they lack in convenience they make up for in quality and well-developed flavor.

This is not an oatmeal for those in a hurry, but it's a breakfast worth waiting for.


Out of Home

We created a pop-up breakfast shop serving a variety of recipes that use McCann's Steel Cut Irish Oats.

The kicker: there would be no wifi. Instead: walls lined with books, board games, and other various 

hobbies to encourage visitors to put away their phones and be present.


Because when you're living in the moment and enjoying yourself, a wait doesn't feel like a wait at all.

Sample Package

Recipe Book

Kitchen Timer

CW: Kt McVeigh

AD: Emmaline Terry