The Humanaut Creative Test

4. Write a 30-second radio ad targeted specifically at your mother that convinces her to try CBD oil.

Many moms think anything to do with the devil’s lettuce is going to get them stoned.


In a world where my mom wasn’t cool enough to already use CBD, a radio ad would need to tell her that CBD helps you to feel better (in a functional, not-high way). An ironic anti-drug propaganda commercial from her childhood feels apt.

CBD – Feels Too Good

VO: Notice how Barbara stands up straight and greets each customer with a relaxed smile.


VO: Many middle-aged women on their feet all day would exhibit signs of soreness or discomfort.


VO: But Barbara is taking CBD, a natural oil derived from cannabis with the ability to reduce anxiety and inflammation.


VO: Don’t be like Barbara. Pain is just a part of life, like the fear of missiles from Cuba, and polio.


VO: CBD – feels too good.